Mike Tyson’s Punch Out: The Movie

A couple of weeks ago, while watching a UFC fight, I noticed that one of the fighters
looked like a character from the old Nintendo game, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. The
resemblance was uncanny. Inspiration hit me to write a “Separated at Birth” article
for that fighter and the Punch Out character, but then I started matching other
people with Punch Out characters and decided to do the full cast. Unfortunately,
I am not so brilliant that I am the first person to think of this article and ran
into no less than five others with a quick Google search. But fuck it, I love the
idea, I love the video game, so I’m doing my own.

I am going to do a little role playing here. I am the casting director for Mike
Tyson’s Punch Out
, a new summer blockbuster to come out in 2012—hopefully before
the world explodes that year. Below is my wishlist for the film cast.