The Gifts of Christmas 2010

This past Christmas was one of the best ever for gifts. I know, I know, it’s not
about the loot. Christmas is about family, friends, love, giving and gorging on
all the turkey, ham, stuffing, casseroles, pies, candies, cookies and popcorn tins.
Agreed. But I also love all the gifts.I think I like giving gifts more than receiving. Scouring the Toys R Us
aisles for the perfect gifts to give kids (and adults) is one of my favorite and
most cherished parts of Christmas. But damn if I don’t still love receiving heaping
piles of awesomeness as well.


Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Crushes From My Childhood: Lea Thompson

#10 - Jennifer Connelly

#9 - Christina Applegate

#8 - Robin Wright

#7 - Paula Abdul

3—Lea Thompson (Back to the Future, Space Camp, Some Kind of Wonderful,
Jaws 3D
My crush on Lea Thompson began with Back to the Future.
I loved that movie.
Who didn’t? The movie was pure awesomeness and the girl, Lorraine Baines, was stunningly
gorgeous. The first time I watched it, I remember being completely floored by the
hotness of the 1955 Lorraine. I was shocked by the fact that the hideous, worn down,
1985 Lorraine could be so gorgeous 30 years earlier. It goes without saying that
I watched Back to the Future endlessly. I never watched the Back to the Future sequels
as much, however. While the stories in the
Back to the Future sequels were great
and I wasted many hours in toy stores hunting for the fabled Mattel hoverboard,
those films never measured up to the original for one reason: Not enough hot Lea

A couple of years after Back to the Future, I saw Space Camp.
Unfortunately, I never
caught this one in the theater. I had never even heard of the movie when some charitable
friends of the family, who were known to copy a tape or two, gave me the videotape
thinking I would be all about it. Oh, charitable- friends-who-shall-remain-unnamed-so-the-FBI-doesn’t-bust-down-your-door,
how right you were. But for all the wrong reasons. I popped the Space Camp tape
into my VCR and minutes later, there was Lorraine once again on my TV, looking all
80’s modern-like and even hotter than in Back to the Future. I could barely contain
myself. I didn’t think this level of hotness was attainable and, for a year or two,
Lea Thompson was alone atop my personal, Top 10 Hottest Chicks list. For those who
don’t remember, Space Camp was a preposterous movie about a group of misfit NASA
Space Campers who accidently get launched into space (or was it on purpose? The
plot thickens). Even as a kid, I thought the story was ridiculous. The movie sucked
ass. But I still loved it because it involved space, NASA, and Lea Thompson. As
a 9 year old, that was my recipe for an instant classic.