As much as he despises the overuse and misuse of the description, “just a big kid,” Bobby Cooper is really just that. As he grows older, he regresses further into his childhood. Take for instance his recent rediscovery of comic books. Oh sure, he would occasionally dive into a trade paperback to see what was up with Green Lantern, Superman, and the rest. Now he reads at least one comic book a night. At this rate, by the time he turns 40, he'll be wearing underoos and playing with Transformer toys in miniature cities made of cardboard boxes and paper bags. Now that he has completely lost your respect, here is his tale of intrigue.

Bobby was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and he is as Floridian as they come. After his recent trip to Virginia in the winter, he has declared any place on Earth farther north than Gainesville, Florida to be the realm of dragons. He believes that humans have no business dwelling in the snow and has no desire to ever again experience temperatures less than 60 degrees.

Bobby is a graduate from the University of Florida with a Master's in Computer Engineering. During his eight years in college he also dabbled in Law, Journalism, Radio/TV, History, English, Anthropology, and Classics. Yes, much to the chagrin of his ridiculously patient father, he majored in every one of those subjects at some point in his college career. He also considered trying out Astronomy, Meteorology, Mathematics, and Statistics, but was usually too lazy to go to the Registrar’s office to make the switch official. It wasn’t that he found a dislike for any of these subjects. Quite the contrary. His modus operandi was to take a course and think, “Holy shit <Insert Subject> is sweet! I’m gonna major in that!” After falling into that rut for a few years, he finally found a path that held his interest for more than a semester in Computer Engineering and is now a web developer for IBM.

Yup, he is a total computer nerd. He tried in vain to shed this label by playing football in high school, working out like a fiend almost every day of his adult life, and joining the FBI as an agent. He has, however, recently accepted his rightful path in life as a dork and is working diligently on embracing that role.

Bobby fancies himself a wordsmith and loves writing about damn near anything; his dream is to someday become a science fiction/fantasy novelist. Until then, he gets off by making people laugh at his profanity-peppered articles about harmless nonsense such as his absurd insecurities, nostalgic musings, toys, weird food, and hot celebrity chicks.

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  1. WOW what a bio lol

  2. So glad to see you've finally embraced your inner nerd (although I thought you had done so when I met you so many years ago). The Jones girls have officially all married dorks, but you've one-upped the others. You have a website to declare it! LOL. Nice work, Bobert!

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