Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Crushes From My Childhood: Kelly Preston

#10 - Jennifer Connelly

#9 - Christina Applegate

#8 - Robin Wright

#7 - Paula Abdul

1—Kelly Preston (Space Camp, Twins):
The first time I ever crushed on Kelly Preston
was when she played Tish in Space Camp. Admittedly, I was more focused at the time
on Lea Thompson, but I dug Tish, too. In their only head-to-head matchup, it's true that Kelly
Preston was out-hotted by Lea Thompson in Space Camp. However, that battle was unfair
for two reasons. First, I was biased and all about Lea Thompson going into the film;
I had been watching her for years in Back to the Future and never even heard of
Kelly Preston. Second, and more importantly, Preston had permed hair. I hated perms.
Probably 99% of the girls in my school at the time had perms and I absolutely despised
it. If Lea Thompson had permed hair and Kelly Preston had straight hair in that
movie, then I have to believe that I would have gone with Preston as the hottest—although
both would have easily been crush-worthy. Stupid perms. I was so happy when that
fad ended and all the girls went to straight hair in the early 90’s. It was good.
Then Jennifer Aniston went and ruined women’s hair again in the late 90’s with her
dumb hair cut that everyone copied.

Up until 1988, Kelly Preston was on my list solely for her role in Space Camp,
I was still all about Lea Thompson. Then came the movie, Twins. Kelly Preston’s
hotness hit me a Mike Tyson uppercut in Nintendo’s Punch-Out. Lea Thompson, immediately
and forever, was knocked out of the #1 slot, which Kelly Preston would occupy well
into my college days. I can still watch Twins and have a few “whoa” moments. Hotel
scene, Kelly Preston in lingerie: “Oh no! This bed is lumpy.”
Whoa. Check out
the video clip below.

I consider Kelly Preston’s role as Marnie Mason to be one of the hottest performances
by an actress ever. I mean EVAR! I went to see Twins only because I was a complete
mark for Arnold Schwarzenegger flicks. When Kelly Preston appeared on the screen,
I immediately recognized her as Tish from Space Camp. Only she had straight hair.
Glorious, flowing, straight hair. She hit on Arnold in the supermarket, and in the
process, totally caught a 10-year old boy who was there only to watch Arnold beat
people up. As much as I watched tapes of the Goonies, Back to the Future, and Karate
Kid 1 & 2
, you could probably combine them and still not equal half the number of
times that I watched Twins.
Great movie, one of Arnold’s best roles ever, Danny
DeVito was hilarious, and most of all Kelly Preston was at her absolute hottest.

After Twins, Kelly Preston appeared in The Experts, a movie which I ran across frequently
while flipping through cable channels in the 80’s. The Experts
was bittersweet for
me. I love the movie mostly for Kelly Preston, but it also had an awesome Cold War
campiness that never grew old with John Travolta being carted to the Soviet Union
to teach Russian spies how to be cool. And therein lies where my bitterness entered.
This was the movie set on which John Travolta and Kelly Preston met. Damn him!

Kelly Preston in Twins hitting on Arnold. 

Arnold's gonna take her cookies!


Again Whoa!

Kelly Preston was that "...someone" who Lea Thompson was talking to

Tish pontificates while Lea Thompson is still sucking on a Gobstopper. Those things
last forever.

I love the 80's.

Where is she now?

After marrying John Travolta in 1991, Kelly Preston moved mainly to made-for-TV
movies that I never saw. Until she showed up, hot as ever, in Jerry Maguire,
I hadn’t
seen her in a new movie for quite a few years. She is currently an active actress
starring in movies such as For the Love of the Game, Sky High, Cat in the Hat, and more recently in Old Dogs. Sadly, her teenage son died in 2009. In late May of this
year, Kelly Preston announced that she’s expecting another child at age 47. Wow,
47! I hope that works out for you, Kelly. She’s still gorgeous and has appeared
in my Top 10 lists as recently as 2007 when I got carried away and stated that she
had a permanent slot in my Top 5. Hey, she had been there for almost 20 years.

There were 21 lovely women who were considered for the Top 10. The ones who did
not make the Top 10 will be featured in an Honorable Mentions Then and Now article
next week.

Hot as ever

Kelly Preston at the 2008 Oscars 

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  1. Well, obviously I was wrong about my predictions this entire time. Bobby, I commend you for taking us all on this nostalgic journey through all the glory of the 80’s. As for Kelly Preston being your number 1, well, ok. She was definitely amazingly hot in Twins. The hotel scene is forever etched into my mind. However, I can’t recall if I ever really had a crush on her. At that age, I believe I was still infatuated with my hair cutting girl, Christine.
    Anyway, Thanks again Mr. Zenestex for the two and a half weeks of anticipation and giving us a small view into your really odd and geeky mind.
    (Light vs. Dark, the ultimate beer review, coming soon!)

  2. Awesome! She is by far your best selection and deserves the #1 slot! Thanks for the tease of a sex scene first thing in the morning. Now I am supposed to think about work. Ha! I love the trip down memory lane. The 80's were awesome! I do want to say though, that if these are the 10 best looking women who had your attention from the 80's then women sure have grown to be soooooooooooooo much hotter!!! Yes Kelly Preston was and is gorgeous but the rest wouldn't even make a top 50 in comparison to women today.

    • Thanks! But I have to disagree with your last statement. All things being equal (you take the women in my childhood crushes list then and doll them up with 2010 style), the ladies on my list easily hold their own. Jennifer Connelly, Alyssa Milano, Lea Thompson, and Kelly Preston specifically come to mind.

  3. Definitely hot. She always has been. She definitely deserve number 1.

  4. That’s what I’m here for!

  5. Fun.. I enjoyed reading about your crushes! Thanks!
    My recent post Winner, winner, chicken dinner..

  6. You´ve all the reason. Kelly was one hit in our youth. So beautiful, her may is forget

  7. She is sexy plus with a ladies man named John Travolta. Too bad Charlie Sheen screwed up when he was engaged to her.

    I kind of swear that Kelly Preston resembles Lea Thompson and Elizabeth Shue.

  8. My God she is beautiful *____*

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