Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Crushes From My Childhood: Robin Wright

#10 - Jennifer Connelly

#9 - Christina Applegate

#8 - Robin Wright

#7 - Paula Abdul

8—Robin Wright (The Princess Bride, Forest Gump): As a kid, one of my favorite
things in the world was going to Rent-A-Movie and hunting for videotapes to watch
later that night with my parents. One night, my dad picked out a movie called
Princess Bride
. I don’t remember what movie I picked out that night, but that’s
really the whole point—it doesn’t matter. The Princess Bride blew me away. I had
never seen anything like it before or since (although the first Pirates of the Caribbean
comes close). The Princess Bride had Andre the Giant, a beautiful princess, Kevin
Arnold, dread pirates, epic sword fights, great jokes, six-fingered villains, and
giant man-eating rats. I was in heaven. It immediately became my favorite movie;
it still remains one of my all-time favorites to this day (check out the even better
novel by William Goldman).

So, who was this princess in The Princess Bride? The stunning Buttercup played by
Robin Wright . Buttercup is the most beautiful woman in all Florin—the kingdom
where she lives—but she is a mere peasant. Upon discovering this beauty, Prince
Humperdinck chooses Buttercup to be his bride. Her long lost lover, Westley, returns
as the Dread Pirate Roberts. In the course of saving Buttercup from kidnappings,
fire-swamps, and a forced marriage, Westley fights, fences, outwits, gets tortured,
mostly dies, swallows a chocolate covered miracle pill, wakes up mostly paralyzed,
and then fights some more. I completely bought into it and fell in love with her,

I was initially more focused on the sword fighting and mused about how Andre the
Giant was a better actor than Hulk Hogan. However, over the course of, oh, a thousand
viewings, Princess Buttercup quickly became a primary reason to watch The Princess
. A legitimate argument can be made for Andre the Giant, but I say Robin Wright
was the most perfectly cast character in the movie. She nailed the role and
convincingly laid claim to being the most beautiful woman in all Florin. She had
an understated beauty that once you really looked at her, you realized, “Whoa! If
there actually were a Florin she would totally be that hot!”

"As you wish."

Damn that Dread Pirate Roberts! He ninja'd his way into my article.

My favorite scene from Forrest Gump. Well, other than Lt. Dan cursing out a

"There's a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours."

Where is she now?

Inexplicably, Robin Wright never played in anything else I would watch as a
kid. In 1994 she showed up as Forrest Gump’s object of desire: Jenny. She had to
turn down leading roles in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and The Firm because of
pregnancies. Robin Wright was married to Sean for almost 13 years before
their divorce in 2009. I still watch The Princess Bride a few
times a year. Just a few weeks ago I threw down for the Blu-ray—it was like watching
it for the first time all over.

There are seven chicks who I had bigger crushes on than Princess Buttercup? Inconceivable!

The lovely Robin Wright

Peace out!

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  1. Your first mistake, Sir. I do not agree with this one at all. Sorry.

  2. She is ok. A 5

  3. I hate to say it but, FAIL. Not hot at all. 0

  4. Oh come on.. He is not saying she is the hottest chick NOW but back in the day she was definitely well up there in hotness and certainly crush-worthy. Are you seriously going to try saying you didn’t think she was hot when you saw this movie as a boy?? Be honest. It wasn’t like you could just search online for the hottest chicks — only the tv shows and the movies YOU WERE ALLOWED TO WATCH even entered into the picture. In case you couldn’t tell, I totally agree with Bobby on this one. And damn she looks HOTTT in that black dress too.

  5. sticking to my guns here. I had a bigger crush on her than either of the first two. Ben gets it. This is in order of who I had the biggest crush on as a kid. I'm sure I'll get a ton of flak for tomorrow's pick :)

  6. Bobby liked her because she was a free love hippy. You can't fault him for his hormonal surges. I thought she was kinda cute but not crush worthy.

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