How Ya Like The New Digs?

I am currently working on a new look for the site. My Zenestex.com To Do List is about 25% complete now. The look and feel of the site was updated along with adding functionality to recommend articles to Del.icio.us, Digg, and StumbleUpon. I'll add Twitter to that control, too, if I can ever figure out what in the hell Twitter is. What's left on the list? At the risk of making false promises:

  • Search Engine
  • Author Bios
  • Recent Comments Portal
  • Graffiti Wall and Portal
  • Article Categories
  • Random Quote Portal
  • Random GOTD Portal
  • Fix Various Bugs
  • Improve Article Listing
  • Continue Updating Look of the Site

Security Gawd, Li, and possibly Zia should have some articles to post in the coming weeks. On the docket for this week is my review on Chocolate Covered Oranges and the tale of my trip to this year's Renaissance Festival. Expect costumes, bestiality, and green beer!

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