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The following is an exercise I just completed from an online creative writing course I am taking. It's probably of no interest to anybody reading this site, but I figured I'd post it anyway since this is supposed to be a daily column.

In this exercise to improve my mediocre writing to a level where I can write a novel, I have been asked to write about three things that I would like to write about. Seems kind of circular, but here goes nothing:

  1. The first thing that I would like to write about is the story and universe that has been brewing in my head since I was in high school. The story of Dawn Glenco and her evil father began as a comic and has morphed into a novel since I'm too lazy to reteach myself the art of comic cartooning. In its current incarnation, Dawn is the wife of Damian Black (who is now Rigel, I believe) and a shape-shifter with a severe case of amnesia. There are evil galactic empires, rebellion clans, lasers, magic, weird aliens; all the elements of a nice epic sci-fi tale. It's a good story; you'll just have to trust me on this one.
  2. I would like to write some short stories to improve my fiction writing skills before I tackle the novel. The short stories I am interested in are little self-contained anecdotes that occur in the universe I am developing for the novel. They will focus on any of the characters and take place in any time period. The primary goal is to develop my own voice for dialogue, narration, and action writing. I expect these to suck; my hope is that they will suck less as I write more of them. Kind of like how a vacuum cleaner loses its suckage the more you use it—I have been led to believe that the same principle holds for writing.
  3. Lastly, I want to write more of the stupid and inconsequential articles that my adoring audience of four readers appreciates. These articles usually document, in an absurd amount of detail, the absolute nothingness of my innermost thoughts. I'm sure they believe that I'm being sarcastic when I write the articles, but they truly are a clear window into my personal world. Yes, I am that simple.
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