Security Gawd’s Top 20

I will admit, the first list I presented was thrown together in haste. I didn't do much research and some very deserving women suffered. I wanted to join in the fun and make a list too! The new and improved Top 20 is my final verdict. There was so tough decisions all around, some tears were shed in both joy and sorrow. I could just cut it down to only ten. In fact, I had a hard enough time with only 20! So without further ado, here is the ultimate Top 20 Hottest Celebrity Chicks for 2008!

#1 Elisha Cuthbert
The Girl Next Door, 24, Old School

All other women are nothing in comparison to Elisha. There isn’t any doubt that she is the number one pick. That is plenty said.

#2 Regiane Brunnquell
Brazilian Super Model

A new comer that I know none of you know who she is. I have to admit, I have not seen her any other place (besides my dreams) then on the internet. Regardless, if someone is on the internet, they must be real somewhere!

#3 Jessica Alba
Sin City, Good Luck Chuck, Fantastic Four

Alas, she is on the verge of slipping even farther if she keeps making the horrid decisions that have been plaguing her as of late. First she makes me waste an hour and a half of my life by sitting through the crap-fest that was awake, then she gets pregnant and gets engaged to someone other then me! The nerve! Anyway, none of that takes away from her gorgeous looks.

#4 Scarlett Johansson
The Island, The Prestige, Lost in Translation

I, like most people who have taste in movies, was graced with the best opening scene in any movie with her appearance in Lost in Translation. If you don’t know what I am talking about, stop reading this, go to your local Blockbuster, and pick up the movie. Trust me on this.

#5 Yvonne Strahovski

Yes, I reconsidered my initial top ten list. I hastily put Ms. Stahovski a little higher then she deserved. None the less, she is beautiful and she can kick butt! No need to stand up for her in a fight, she is the one getting your back!

#6 Kate Beckinsale
Underworld, The Aviator, Pearl Harbor

Ah yes, the lovely and elegant Kate. No other woman on this list is as accomplished as her. Who else can kill vampires and werewolves (Underworld) then turn around and attend a formal ball (The Aviator) and still look stunning? She is truly as talented on the screen as she is beautiful.

#7 Keira Knightley
Pirates of the Caribbean, King Arthur, Love Actually

There is still something about her teeth that I can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe her bottom lip is just a little smaller then most’s. She still has the look that gets her into the top ten.

#8 Rachel Bilson
The OC, Chuck, Fashion Model

I do not watch the OC, so don’t start. I first saw her along side Yvonne in the TV show “Chuck.” I just had to Google her name after that. I have been in love ever since. And, just for the record, she does not wear too much eye make up. You are just jealous I saw her first!

#9 Sasha Cohen
American Olympic Figure Skater

Every man’s fantasy. A figure skater that is hot! Imagine the possibilities! Who cares if she isn’t tall enough to ride the roller coasters at Busch Gardens! Can you really say no to a woman that looks like her?

#10 Petra Nemcova
Super Model and PETA supporter

This one was tough. She is a die hard PETA supporter which means she is a little on the psychotic side. I always thought they were a little off their rocker. But if she looks at me the way she is looking at the camera, I don’t care what she does.

#11 Jessica Biel
Chuck and Larry, Blade Trinity, 7th Heaven

Some say she looks like a man. Those that say that have obviously not seen Chuck and Larry! Plus we have all grown up with her since her Seventh Heaven running’s. I feel I have known her for years.p>

#12 Hayden Panettiere
Remember the Titans, Heros

Now here is where you all start to pick my little list apart. I don’t care. Hayden is beautiful and classy. She is old enough and you all can bite me!

#13 Shannon Elizabeth
American Pie, Tomcats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

It was a severe oversight that Shannon didn’t make my last list. It was thrown together in haste and I have promised her to take her out for a nice seafood dinner to make up for it. She didn’t quite crack the top ten, but I would say lucky number thirteen is a very respectable place for anyone to be.

#14 Michelle Trachtenberg
Euro Trip, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ice Princess

Sure she hasn’t been in much, but every guy remembers her from Euro Trip. Maybe she isn’t the best actress, but she makes up for it with spunk. (That wasn’t a pun, don’t be gross.)

#15 Kaley Cuoco
The Big Bang Theory, 8 Simple Rules, Charmed

Again a not well known actress, however, she did get a chance to act with the always loved John Ritter. She is now in The Big Bang Theory, which any slightly nerdy man will tell you is a hilarious TV show that unfortunately isn’t going to last because it is smart. America doesn’t want smart, they want mindless humor that means nothing. Anyway, she is still hot!

#16 Amy Davidson
8 Simple Rules, Netherbeast Incorporated

She played Kaley’s younger and smarter sister in 8 Simple Rules. If only she had done a few more acting roles, she would be vaulted higher still, but alas, she really isn’t that good of an actress. Love the red hair though!

#17 Natalie Portman
Star Wars, V for Vendetta, Cold Mountain

Natalie has the girl next door cuteness. However, this isn’t the top ten “cutest” women, this is the “hottest” women. Sorry Natalie, you are the girl guys bring home to meet Mom. Still hot enough to make the list though, that should count for something.

#18 Cameron Diaz
The Mask, Charlie’s Angels, There’s Something About Mary

Again, I am going to get crap for this one. I don’t care what you all say. Cameron is the love of my life. Ever since she bent over in Mask in that provocative way that only she can, she has been and will be on my list. Sorry to the person that will be bumped because of her.

#19 Josie Maran
The Aviator, Van Helsing, Little Black Book

She reminds me a lot of Rachel Bilson. Not really much to comment on here so I will fill it up with mindless chatter since you probably aren’t reading this anymore anyhow.

#20 Reon Kadena
Japanese Model and Actress

Every good list has to have the unknown Asian women. There is just something about them that makes me….well, you know. I haven’t seen her act in anything, but just by looking at her now, I would pay to see it. She gets massive bonus points if she is a kung-fu actress!

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