Protect Me From Myself

Today is my 29th Birthday and what a crappy start to an otherwise a beautiful day. I don't feel any older, but my actions so far have proven otherwise; I've completely lost my mind and I need help. Not just any help, either; I need a professional.

This morning I strained my back working out. Now this is not unusual since I pretty much strain my back every other week. However, this time I followed up the back strain with a nasty injury. I crushed two of my fingers between the barbell and squat rack after the set was complete. This peeled off a few layers of skin behind my fingernails and bled like hell. The rest of the workout was, thankfully, uneventful.

I decided to cut my hair after the workout. I grabbed the clippers on the bathroom sink, put on a quarter-inch comb and began cutting away as I always do. What I didn't realize was that I had picked up the dog clippers instead of my own clippers. To make matters worse, I was using the combs from my own pair of clippers and they didn't fit too well. In the middle of the haircut, the comb popped off and I shaved a good portion of the back of my head bald. I spent about an hour trying to curtail the damage. It doesn't look horrible, but it will take about a week for the bald spot to fade away. After the haircut, I jumped in the shower and proceeded to shampoo my hair with face soap.

I can't continue at this rate. I am a danger to myself and possibly to others. I will follow up this post by checking myself into an asylum, putting on a straight jacket, and locking myself in a padded room for the remainder of the day.

Anyhow, my I know my posting hasn't been regular, but I have been busy for once. On tap for this week is a review of Casa Bonita (the most bizarre place on Earth) and a review of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Jelly Beans to celebrate the fact that I finally finished the last Harry Potter book.

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  1. Funny as heck Bobby. Later better than never. Happy Birthday.

  2. Hehe, I'm glad you survived the day. One good thing is you got through the cake without incident (mainly b/c everyone "forgot" the candles). Someone had to protect you. LOL.

  3. I knew there was something fishy about that candle! I appreciate the protection.

  4. So where is the review of the Jelly beans?

  5. Never got around to it. Where's the story on the MegaCon/Proposal or your Top 10?

    I think I still have the Jelly Beans laying around in my office. I'll have to tempt Christian to eat them for some good laughs.

  6. I will eat them. For research purposes only though

  7. I'll bring them for Easter Dinner, then. I'm bringing a ton of candy to review. I'll throw in the old beans, too. They'll go good with the salsa candy.

  8. I look forward to it!

  9. Sounds like one hell of a bad day. You have the same b-day as my dad.
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