I'm in the great state of Colorado until Aug 26, but I will still try to post Mostly Dailies of some Drunk Christian videos and clips from the anime convention podcasts that “The Victim” is creating. Today's video shows a group of girl cosplayers doing the YMCA, which is apparently the only dance most of them can do—they spend most of the song awkwardly flailing their arms around. I don't have much room to talk; I have to be completely shitfaced before I'll even consider getting out on a dance floor. I didn't understand why this was done outside. These chicks were having a good time, but this occurred in the middle of a Florida summer day. It was probably 90 degrees outside, as humid as a swamp, and they were dressed up to the max in their costumes; they didn't come back into the convention hall smelling like roses.

Question of the Day: Why does some hotel soap smell like solidified piss?

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