What is Moon Soup?

At the Kennedy Space Center Gift Shop I saw a brand new space food occupying the shelves: Moon Soup. Unable to resist the temptation of finding the next Astronaut Ice Cream (One of the Top 5 things I love about Kennedy Space Center—one of my next articles), I clutched the can like a kid with a new Transformer toy and eagerly gazed at the retro, blue, starry label and contemplated what in the hell Moon Soup could possibly taste like. Moon Soup is the concoction of Chalet Suzanne, a country inn and restaurant located in Lake Wales, FL. The soup is actually Chalet Suzanne's Romain Soup, which was eaten by astronauts on the way to the moon aboard Apollo 15 and 16.

One side of the space food shelf at Kennedy Space Center

Behold! Moon Soup!

After opening the can, I saw that the soup actually looked like liquid moon—a yellowish gray muck with little dark bits here and there. That's probably just the packaging messing with my feeble and easily influenced mind. I took a whiff and I was met by the most anticlimactic smell I have ever experienced— absolutely nothing. Putting my nose right up to the can, I could make out some sort of onion smell, but it was not that strong at all. The preparation of the soup involved adding ¾ cup of water and bringing it to a boil, which stretched my minimal cooking proficiency to the max.

Mm Mm Good

After the soup reached a boil I prepared a bowl containing about half of the pot. I was determined that no matter the taste, I would at least eat one serving. I was delightfully surprised that the soup was actually pretty damn good. It contains little chewy bits of mushroom and its flavor is similar to Sour Cream and Chives Tato Skins, one of the holy trinity of snack foods—the other two members of the trinity being Tom's Hot Fries and Charles Chips.

A tasty bowl of Moon Soup

I was thinking I might even waste another 170 calories on the other half of the sodium laden soup. That was, until I experienced the aftertaste. The soup leaves a layer of onion powder on your tongue that even downing a full can of soda can't remove. Keep in mind that a can of Coke has the ability to remove stains from dirty toilets and clean erosion from a car battery. The soup itself is worth trying just to be cool and say you ate Moon Soup, but I'll never buy it again. I'll just use the $4 towards another bag of Astronaut Ice Cream.

The Holy Trinity of Snack Foods
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  1. Hahaha! You will try anything, huh? And Tom's hot fries rock!

  2. Well, anything within reason. I did a scan of the ingredients to make sure there was no cheese. Blech!

  3. Sorry, but there seems to be some confusion. Tom's Hot Fries are not the best as you so proclaimed. Andy Capp's Hot Fries are. Fear not, the rest of the Trinity will be picked apart also. How dare you not give Funions their rightful place on the podium as well as the Original Bugals. Son, you have some taste testing to do!

  4. Dear sir, you dare to compare Andy Capp's to Tom's?! Blasphemy! Andy Capp's are good, but they don't have the staying power of Tom's; I can barely even finish off a small bag without getting sick of the flavor. Funyans and Bugles have no business anywhere near this list. Cheez-Its and Pizzarias just missed the cut.

  5. YUCK……. There is nothing better than Kettle Chips

  6. I’d never heard of moon soup before.

    As I started reading your post, my guess was that its was either some type of mushroom cream soup or cheese soup.

    Doesn’t sound like there are going to be a lot of repeat purchases, or people stocking up on Moon soup after the initial taste test.

    May be good to have one on the shelf just to pull it out and show folks.

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