Drunk Christian Loves the Bottle

The original plan for the Drunk Christian series of videos was to post a two or three minute clip each day. I gave a friend a copy of the videos to make clips, but I forgot to give her the exact times of the clips that I wanted for four days in a row now. I tried to make clips on my own, but friggin' Windows Movie Maker sucks royal ass and keeps crashing on me. Apparently if you install Nero 7 and have Windows Vista you are completely screwed; formatting your hard drive is your only hope of ever getting Movie Maker to work again.

Drunk Christian gettin' his drink on.

The following video is a clip of Drunk Christian trying to keep the buzz alive by sneaking a swig while his fiancé is in the bathroom. It's not my favorite clip, but it's the only one I have available that is less than two minutes. More to come!

A copycat “Shrimp Killer” vandal struck my cubicle today while I was on my lunch break. Here is the Post-It note that was stuck next to my EcoSphere.

The copycat signage on my desk

I revel in the fact that Clyde “The Crustacean Sensation” feels the need to credit himself in his own speech bubble. After I discovered the crime, I had three primary suspects, but since none of them were in the building I decided to get handwriting samples of whoever I happened to talk to in the meantime. One sample, that of “Security God,” was actually pretty close to the original. My primary suspect, “The So-Called Friend” was the true architect of this crime. His handwriting sample is the maniacal scribbling located on the bottom right-hand corner that actually stretches to the other side of the paper.

Handwriting analysis of various co-workers. The guilty markings are circled.

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