Blasé Blasé

On tap for the next week: First and foremost, finish the review of Monster Squad. The review has been complete for a few days now, but I refuse to post it until I can figure out how to do DVD screenshots. I will also have a few posts about the anime convention that we went to today. "The Victim" and "The Friend" from Operation Superchicken came along to do a video podcast where they interview cosplayers (people at the convention dressed like anime characters). They did a fantastic job with the interviews from what I saw. Hilarious footage! Finally, my sister-in-law's fiancé had his first experience with drunkedness last night and I was there to take pictures and videos. I hope to have an article covering the pictures and video highlights sometime this week. Again, hilarious footage here that just makes me glad that there were no cameras around when I got drunk for the first time.

For those wondering what Blasé Blasé means, UrbanDictionary.com says it's "Used as a more stylish or educated way of saying Blah-Blah-Blah, but fails to sound stylish and educated with people who have actually been to school." Now you know.

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  1. Poor poor Christian. I warned him never to trust you all.

  2. Awww, why did you tell him not trust us? I'm not going to post everything.

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