Operation Superchicken: An Epilogue

Around 10:00 AM, my cohort and I ran a check to see if Superchicken had been discovered by the mark or if it had gone unnoticed. Glancing out a window, we saw that the Superchicken was still attached to the car antenna. I started to think that I should have brought my camera again; I could write a daily post with a picture for each day that Superchicken stayed on her car. It was just as well, after lunch we were confronted by the mark about the antenna topper. Most of her glares of accusation during the interrogation were aimed at my accomplice; this is not unexpected since he was the one who had asked her what car she drove the previous day. While she asked who did it, the other guys laughed at her and asked stuff like, “Someone put a chicken on your car? Was it still alive?” She didn't focus too much on me, which was a good thing. It took all my willpower to not fall into a fit of laughter. Besides, I'm a terrible liar and would've given it away completely.

She then threatened to view the security tapes of the parking lot for the last 30 days to figure out who did it. After we left the interrogation, I immediately scolded my partner-in-crime for not agreeing to wear the ninja masks like I wanted to. When we got back to our desks, I sent the mark an email with a link to the article. About an hour later, I received a call from her, which I answered. She thought the article and joke were hilarious (see her comments, she's The Victim). In the ensuing conversation, I was still laughing and I think I agreed to help with a podcast that bashes celebrities. Her reaction was better than anything we could have hoped for. Well worth the $5 I spent at Whataburger. Now, I have five more Superchickens ready for deployment, but I'm pretty sure the most of the office knows about it. We'll have to let this die down for a few months before we perform another Operation Superchicken.

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  1. No whataburgers up here. I'd love to have one of them toppers. Let me know if we can work something out.
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