Chipotle: Food of the Gods

Chipotle is, without a doubt, God's gift to all mankind. We are truly privileged to live in such exciting times, for we have been graced with the greatest invention the world has ever seen: The Chipotle burrito. The Chipotle burrito should be awarded a Nobel Prize; books must be written singing its praises; monuments need to be erected in its honor; TV stations must be created that do nothing more than glorify this triumph of modern technology.

The Chipotle across the street from the University of Florida

The Chipotle burrito is the perfect meal: Rice, beans, meat, salsa, cheese (if you like that sort of thing), sour cream, lettuce, and of course the guacamole. All cooked to perfection and wrapped in one tight, easy to eat—hard to finish, little bundle. Whether you prefer the Bol (no wrap), tacos, or salads, guacamole is the key to the superpowers contained within the Burrito of Tomorrow. If you pass on the $1.50 guacamole, you are missing out on the entire Chipotle experience.

A Burrito Bol loaded with guacamole goodness

A Chipotle burrito without guacamole is like Green Lantern without his ring, Thor without his hammer, Wonder Woman without her Lasso of Truth—Okay Wonder Woman is a bad example; even without the lasso she has super human powers and an invisible plane. A guacamole-filled meal at Chipotle is the sole reason that humans evolved from loosely knit hunter-gatherer tribes to modern agricultural societies. This is the pinnacle of our existence, folks—enjoy it.

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  1. Mmmmm…Chipotle. I'm at work with a rumbling tummy and this totally didn't help. I'm currently in the process of sweet talking one of our drivers into picking some up for me. I'll tell him he can thank you. LOL. You should get paid for this kind of advertisement.

  2. I love Mexican food, but I hate guacamole. We don't have a Chipotle's here in my neck of the woods. I am now regretting not going when I had my chance on vacation in Cincinnati. :(
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  3. Missing out! On a Colorado vacation a few years ago, we stopped at mecca to pay our respects: The Original Chipotle. The place was bad ass and the manager was awesome. He saw us taking pictures, took us on a tour, and gave us free T-shirts saying we've been to the original. I love you, Chipotle.

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