Pet Peeve: 110%

In any televised sport, game, or reality show, you are bound to hear at least one of the competitors drone the tired cliché, "Well <Insert Host Name>, I'm just gonna go out there and give it my 110%." Oh, is that all? Why stop there? Why not 111% you lazy, mildewing, sack of shit? How about 522%? Now that would be pouring your heart out and giving it your all.

Why is 110% the new 100%? You cannot give more that 100% of your effort. If you can give more, then that is your 100%. If you are in a competition and giving what you thought was your maximum effort, but then reached down and found a way to 10% give more, then what you thought was 100% effort was more like 90%. So, just stop it with the 110% already. 100% is plenty and I doubt you will even give that.

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